Tushek Aeon is a 2,500 hp electric hypercar from Slovenia

Max McDee, 16 September 2023

While Slovenia might not be the first name on your lips when discussing hypercars, it's time to recalibrate those notions. Spearheaded by former racecar driver Aljoša Tušek, Tushek has introduced the world to the Aeon, a duo of electric marvels set to redefine supercar parameters.

Tushek Aeon is a 2,500 hp electric hypercar from Slovenia

The Aeon comes in two flavors. First, the Aeon E – a fully electric wonder that cranks out over 2,500 hp. With its weight clocking in at 3,527 lb, it boasts a commendable power-to-weight ratio of 1.56:1. Then, we have the Aeon H, a hybrid ensemble that merges a V8 with an electric pulse. Although producing nearly 600 hp less, it dishes out still a remarkable 1,930 hp. Even more fascinating? The Aeon H weighs just 3,263 lb, giving it an astonishing power-to-weight ratio of 1.3:1, surpassing its electric sibling in the race for the magic ratio of 1:1.

Tushek hints at "groundbreaking aerodynamics" and performance specs that will come to light in the upcoming weeks. For those yearning for an exclusive driving experience, the Aeon is expected to be a showstopper. Each car is tailored to resonate with its owner, making the bond between man and machine unlike any other. As Tušek puts it, "Each vehicle is individually tailored to its owner... This sets us apart from other suppliers worldwide and ensures that each vehicle is truly unique."

Tushek Aeon is a 2,500 hp electric hypercar from Slovenia

The Aeon isn't Tushek's maiden voyage into the supercar universe. The company once introduced the world to the TS 900, a machine that could accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in a brisk 2.7 seconds with its 937 hp engine. One can only speculate that the Aeon might just raise the bar.

For those with an exclusive palette and deep pockets, hang tight. Tushek's production schedule for this limited edition model remains under wraps, to be unveiled in due time.

Tushek Aeon is a 2,500 hp electric hypercar from Slovenia

In a world where supercar announcements can sometimes feel as regular as our morning coffee, Tushek's Aeon is a refreshing jolt of caffeine. Though, of course, only time will tell if the Aeon will drive circles around its competition or become just another beautiful blip in the hypercar chronicle.


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  • Anonymous

So a power to weight ratio of 1.7:1 on a 1600kg car would mean it has 2720hp... And how is 1.3:1 power to weight ratio better, performance wise, than 1.7:1? 1.7 hp per kilogram is more than 1.3hp per kilogram.

  • Anonymous

How is hibrid better power to weight ratio than electric? It is only 120 kg lighter, and it loses 600 hp. You are reading those numbers wrong. Or you just copy-paste...

EV sportscars have so much power but, they are unable to handle the corners properly due to weight. ICE 700HP is enough to run faster around a track than any 1500-2000HP EV sportscar and they are way more fun to drive.



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