Uncamouflaged XPeng Mona 03 spotted in China

Max McDee, 27 May 2024

The first image of the XPeng Mona 03, the inaugural model from XPeng's new sub-brand, has surfaced online, generating excitement among electric car enthusiasts. While the image is blurry, it offers a first glimpse of the model's distinctive taillight design, which aligns with the rear details previously revealed by XPeng at the Beijing Auto Show.

Uncamouflaged XPeng Mona 03 spotted in China

The Mona 03 represents XPeng's strategic entry into the mass-market electric vehicle segment, with a target price of under$21,000. This ambitious plan stems from XPeng's acquisition of Didi Global's electric vehicle business, which aims to leverage Didi's expertise in shared mobility and its extensive ecosystem.

XPeng's chairman and CEO, He Xiaopeng, has expressed confidence in Mona's potential to become a "superstar product" in the A-class all-electric market. With a focus on affordability and intelligent features, the Mona 03 wants to ease access to electric cars, making them a viable option for a broader range of consumers.

Uncamouflaged XPeng Mona 03 spotted in China

While specific details about the Mona 03 remain scarce, reports suggest that it will boast a range of over 311 miles and use batteries from BYD, a leading Chinese battery manufacturer. The strategic partnership with BYD could enable XPeng to achieve its goal of reducing technology costs by 25%, further enhancing the affordability of its electric vehicles.

The Mona 03 is expected to be officially unveiled in June, and sales and deliveries will commence in the third quarter of this year. XPeng's aggressive timeline underscores its determination to capture a significant share of the rapidly growing electric vehicle market.

Uncamouflaged XPeng Mona 03 spotted in China

The unveiling of the Mona 03 will be a pivotal moment in XPeng's journey towards becoming a significant player in the global electric vehicle landscape. By expanding its product portfolio to include a mass-market model, XPeng is poised to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and contribute to a more sustainable future of mobility.


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