Updated 2025 Polestar 2 gets more range, more equipment and custom options

Max McDee, 25 June 2024

Polestar is getting ready for the 2025 model year with a refreshed Polestar 2. Boasting sleek new colors, extended range, and enhanced customization options, this electric fastback promises a decent refresh. With over 160,000 Polestar 2s already on the road across 27 countries, this latest iteration is designed to further solidify the brand's position in the EV landscape.

The 2025 Polestar 2 isn't just about a new coat of paint apparently; it's more of a comprehensive upgrade. Two new exterior colors, "Vapour" and "Storm," offer a fresh aesthetic, while new 19-inch and 20-inch alloy wheel designs add a touch of sporty sophistication. The interior also gets a luxurious touch with animal welfare-secured Charcoal Nappa leather upholstery.

Updated 2025 Polestar 2 gets more range, more equipment and custom options

Polestar has also revamped the pack structure to align with the Polestar 3 and 4, providing customers with greater flexibility to personalize their EVs. The Climate Pack, Pro Pack, Pilot Pack, Plus Pack, and Performance Pack offer a range of features, from heated seats and steering wheel to advanced driver assistance systems and performance enhancements.

Perhaps the most exciting improvement is the increased range across all Polestar 2 versions. The Long Range Single Motor model now boasts an impressive range of up to 409 miles (WLTP), while the European Standard range Single Motor variant, equipped with an upgraded 70 kWh CATL battery, can travel up to 344 miles (WLTP) on a single charge. These aren't revolutionary improvements, but as every EV owner will confirm - every mile counts.

Updated 2025 Polestar 2 gets more range, more equipment and custom options

This refresh comes at a crucial time for Polestar, which has faced challenges such as weaker-than-expected demand and a declining stock price. For now, the company remains optimistic, recently announcing a new business model and expansion into seven new markets. The updated Polestar 2 is currently launching in Europe and Canada, with other markets to follow later in 2024.


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  • PKay

Really . . 5 optional 'packs'. I bet there is only one or two items from each pack to get the car you really want. Your not winning customers Polestar. Hey, why not add a 'consumer' pack . . cherry pick the best of the other 5 pac...

  • Laca

Instead of these marketing gimmicks they should install a decent LFP battery like the new Aegis or Golden LFP of Geely.



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