Volkswagen announces new, more efficient powertrain for its ID lineup

Ro, 12 April 2023

Volkswagen just announced a new generation powertrain that will make its way to new ID models starting later this year. The new APP550 rear-wheel drive promises improved performance and efficiency at the same time without growing in size so that it can fit in even existing ID models.

The motor is capable of 210kW peak output, or at least that's the variant Volkswagen chose for its future ID models, but it's still based on the modular electric (MEB) matrix developed by the company. The new powertrain also requires less raw materials to be manufactured.

Volkswagen announces new powertrain for the whole electric ID lineup

The 210kW motor has a maximum torque of 550Nm, depending on the vehicle's gear ratio. The inclusion of a gearbox boost acceleration both from a standstill and at higher speeds, the company claims.

An inverter is paired with the motor to supply the high-phase currents for better power output and improved efficiency. It can alternate the current depending on the clock frequencies and modulation methods.

Volkswagen announces new powertrain for the whole electric ID lineup

For even better efficiency, engineers at VW designed a new thermal management system that doesn't require electricity to run. It operates on a simple oil pump that independently cools itself using the gear wheels of the gearbox. The heated oil is then cooled by the car's coolant circuit. The outside of the stator has a water heat sink too, that helps with maintaining temperatures.

The new powertrain system will be produced at the Kassel plant in Germany. We are yet to learn which ID models will get it and when, but the upcoming ID.7 seems like a safe bet.



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