Volkswagen teases upcoming ID.2all SUV

Max McDee, 16 December 2023

In a strategic move to expand its electric SUV lineup, Volkswagen is set to introduce the ID.2all SUV, a compact electric crossover slated to hit the market in 2026. This latest addition to the ID-badged family promises affordability and efficiency.

Volkswagen's foray into the compact electric SUV market comes as no surprise after the success of the ID.4 and ID.5 models. The upcoming ID.2all SUV, previewed by the ID.2all concept, is positioned as a higher-riding, crossover alternative to its supermini sibling. With a teaser image showcasing its silhouette, the ID.2all SUV appears to echo the design language of the ID.2all hatchback, boasting short overhangs and pronounced wheel arches for a distinctive stance.

Teaser of the upcoming VW ID.2all SUV Teaser of the upcoming VW ID.2all SUV

The ID.2all SUV will be built on Volkswagen's new MEB Entry platform, ensuring a solid foundation for both the supermini and its SUV variant. Buyers can opt for battery sizes ranging from 38kWh to 58kWh, providing an impressive potential range of up to 280 miles on a single charge. The inclusion of 125 kW DC rapid charging as standard adds convenience, allowing for a rapid 10-80 percent top-up in under 30 minutes.

One striking feature of the ID.2all SUV is its aggressive yet appealing design, with thin LED headlights and a rear pillar adorned with a distinctive three-slat pattern reminiscent of the ID. Buzz model. The overhanging rear roof spoiler, borrowed from the ID.2all supermini, adds a touch of sportiness to the overall aesthetic.

As for the pricing, the ID.2 supermini is expected to start at an enticing $26,800, setting the stage for the more rugged ID.2all SUV to command a slight premium. Despite its enhanced features, the SUV variant is projected to maintain affordability, positioning it below the ID.3 hatchback.

VW ID.2all will be the first EV based on the new MEB E platform VW ID.2all will be the first EV based on the new MEB E platform

Volkswagen has left enthusiasts curious about the ID.2all SUV's US availability. While a spokesperson hints at a 2026 arrival, the likelihood of it gracing American shores remains uncertain. The production vehicle's fate, much like its hatchback counterpart, seems inclined to stay in Europe, leaving US consumers yearning for a taste of Volkswagen's compact electric SUV prowess.

Interestingly, the ID.2all SUV isn't just a standalone offering but part of Volkswagen's broader plan to launch 10 new EVs by 2026. The brand envisions a compelling electric future, as articulated by Thomas Shafer, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, who asserts that the ID.2all "shows where we want to take the brand."

In a market where affordability is key, the ID.2all SUV positions itself as a potential lifesaver for Volkswagen. As the automotive giant grapples with challenges and job cuts, the success of an affordable electric SUV hinges on Volkswagen's ability to balance cost and innovation. With a fresh design inspired by iconic models and a competitive price range, the ID.2all SUV might just be the jumpstart Volkswagen needs to navigate the evolving landscape of electric mobility. The only issue is that it’s 2 years away at best - and that is an awful long time for a company that’s struggling for customers.


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