Watt Electric Vehicle Company reveals PACES platform for low-volume EVs

Max McDee, 20 June 2024

Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WEVC), a UK-based EV startup known for its eCV1 van, has just introduced a market-disrupting platform architecture called PACES (Passenger And Commercial EV Skateboard). The company claims the new approach is the key to a new era of customizable electric vehicles.

WEVC designed PACES as an adaptable, cost-effective solution for third-party manufacturers looking to create their own unique EVs. This "off-the-shelf" platform is a modular marvel, allowing for a wide range of designs, from sleek sports coupes to rugged off-road buggies.

PACES platform from WEVC PACES platform from WEVC

The adaptability of PACES lies in its unique construction. Using WEVC's FlexTech technique, the platform interlocks and bonds flat, laser-cut aluminum pieces, making it lighter and more affordable than traditional skateboard platforms. This innovative approach allows for a wide range of modifications to suit different vehicle specifications, all while maintaining compliance with stringent industry safety standards.

The versatility of PACES is one of its greatest strengths. The platform can accommodate front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive powertrain configurations, making it a truly versatile foundation for a variety of EV types.

WEVC offers similar solution for commercial vehicles WEVC offers similar solution for commercial vehicles

But PACES isn't just about versatility; it's also about performance. According to WEVC CEO Neil Yates, this platform is designed for high-performance EVs, offering a lightweight and adaptable starting point for any vision.

WEVC's commitment to sustainability doesn't end with its eCV1 van. The company's new PACES platform aligns with its ethos of sustainable and recyclable materials and processes. This approach not only minimizes the environmental impact of EV production but also supports WEVC's long-term goal of achieving a closed-loop production program.

WEVC's new platform could be a pivoting moment for the EV industry. By providing an accessible and adaptable platform, WEVC is making it easier for manufacturers to enter the electric vehicle market. This could lead to a surge in new and innovative EVs, further accelerating the global transition towards electric mobility.


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