Wuling Bingo spotted on the road in China

Max McDee, 12 December 2022

Wuling is expanding its portfolio of electric cars and is bringing ever larger models to the market. The latest addition, the Wuling Bingo is a 4-door hatchback that is just a little bit bigger than the staple model MiniEV.

The Wuling Bingo has already gone through the MIIT certification, which means the car has been approved for sale in China. The specifications revealed through the MIIT website tell us that the car is just a few centimeters short of 4 meters in length, with a 2.56 meter wheelbase. Since the car is using the same powertrain as its smaller sibling, the power figures are either 41hp or 68hp.

Wuling Bingo spotted on the road in China

The emphasis in the design of the car has been clearly put into it looking cute and appealing to the masses. It has big round headlights and taillights, there is a slight resemblance of Opel Adam in the Wuling Bingo.

The vehicle spotted on the road had a two-tone finish with the roof painted in gloss black giving the car a more energetic appearance, accentuated further by the roof spoiler. The sporty approach is picked up by the front seats with integrated headrests. The black and silver color scheme continues on the inside as well.

Wuling Bingo spotted on the road in China

When Wuling Bingo goes on sale it is expected to be priced between $11,470 and $14,340 depending on the version. The car will be competing on a very busy small car market with the king of sales Baojun KiWi EV, then there is the Chery Wujie and Leap T03 that already have a huge fanbase. BYD is going to launch its small EV called Seagull pretty soon as well - Wuling Bingo won’t have an easy ride.



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