Xiaomi patents a wireless charging concept for EVs

Ro, 11 October 2023

Xiaomi filed a new patent related to EV wireless charging. The patent itself isn't complete and it's a bit complex given currently available technology, so don't expect it to become a reality anytime soon. But it's an interesting one, that's for sure, and it may serve as a stepping stone for a better solution.

Schematics from the patent filing Schematics from the patent filing
Schematics from the patent filing

The patent describes a small cargo car with a battery, driving close to a vehicle in need of a charge and by using autonomous tech, it automatically positions itself and hooks up to the vehicle before initiating the charging process. Judging by the schematics, a large coil attaches to the vehicle, keeping the two connected for the charging duration.

It's clear that the patent is a rough sketch of what Xiaomi has in mind because we have more questions than answers in the paper. For instance, if this is meant for charging parked cars it seems awfully complicated compared to a standard cable charging. It's hard to imagine a parking lot full of EVs and small cargo cars with batteries cruising around to charge the said EVs will be commercially viable.

Alternatively, you can just pick up one of those and tow it around as a sort of a trailer, recharging your EV on the go. However, that would require substantial advancements in terms of drivetrain in charger so the EV batteries can handle the input current and drive the motor at the same time.

Still, the advancements in the EV space happen at an amazing pace and many things thought impossible a mere decade ago are now are reality. So we'll keep an eye for further developments on this end.

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Well i can understand that but wireless charging in phones is nothing new. And any not very clever dude known the convient cable charging generates less heat and is a lot faster.

  • Anonymous

There are already EVs with solar roofs, e.g. Ioniq 5 as an option, though car top area is simply too small for effective battery charge.

It certainly would be a logical step IF the efficiency, price and the fact you can't pretty much use the roof for anything else made sense. You just have to love all those "it would be a good idea" ideas from people having no clue ho...



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