Xiaomi SU7 promo video shows new colors

Vlad, 10 April 2024

Xiaomi recently started selling the SU7, its first car, and the launch has been incredibly successful, with over 100,000 people reserving one, and 40,000 placing nonrefundable small deposits for it as well. Things have been going so well in fact that Xiaomi has had to increase its production targets to satisfy the huge demand.

Today, the company has released a new promo video for the car, in which it's showing some new and very good looking colors. Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

The SU7, Xiaomi says, represents the company's desire to keep "driving forward", leading the way and embracing adventures into new territories. An adventure this most certainly has been, but one that seems to have been very worth it for the company which a few years ago decided EVs were 'the next big thing' after smartphones and so it had to be part of that market. The rest, as they say, is history.

Unfortunately Xiaomi currently has no plans to officially sell the SU7 outside of China, focusing first of all on meeting demand in its home market. But of course, we can always hope that one day it will be offered internationally.


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