Over 100,000 Xiaomi SU7 EVs already ordered

Max McDee, 03 April 2024

Xiaomi, the electronics company known for its vast ecosystem of devices, is off to an amazing start in the EV market. After unveiling its first-ever electric car, the SU7 sedan, order books erupted like fireworks. The company boasts it has received north of 100,000 registrations from eager buyers, with unrefundable deposit placed for 40,000 of those. This kind of initial reception suggests an EV blockbuster brewing.

Xiaomi founder Lei Jun attended the first round of SU7 deliveries at the firm's production plant in Beijing. Jun claimed that "The real transformation of smart cars has officially begun, and China will surely see the birth of a company as great as Tesla."

Xiaomi SU7 delivery event drew crowds of fans Xiaomi SU7 delivery event drew crowds of fans

The SU7 arrives in three flavors: the standard model (starting at around $29,840), the longest going Pro, and the performance-forward Max version. The top-trim Max starts at a cool $41,500, still well below comparable EVs from established rivals. Even better, Xiaomi treated early adopters to a limited run of 5,000 Founders Edition vehicles for a sweet grand opening deal. Deliveries of the Founders Edition are already underway, while other versions will start hitting the roads in late April or May.

It's clear Xiaomi has cooked up a compelling package. The SU7 sports a minimalist design that's both elegant and aerodynamic and promises ample interior space. Since tech is where Xiaomi shines, the SU7 doesn't disappoint. Xiaomi's intelligent chassis control algorithm handles suspension duties for dynamic sportiness and limousine-like comfort. Connectivity features are plentiful, including the ability to sync with other Xiaomi devices (phones, home automation, etc.) and even support Apple products.

Xiaomi CEO delivering first SU7 Xiaomi CEO delivering first SU7

The SU7's debut heralds the arrival of a fierce new contender in the highly competitive EV arena. The rapid flood of orders speaks for itself – let's now see if Xiaomi can ramp up production quickly enough so people don't grow impatient and leave before taking delivery.


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