Xiaomi's first EV to run on CALB and CATL batteries

Ro, 22 August 2023

According to sources inside Xiaomi, the EV division chose CALB and CATL for its main and secondary battery suppliers, respectively. The company was forced to go with CATL as its main supplier since the two battery manufacturers had a patent dispute in court and CALB was unable to offer some of its cells until that is resolved.

Xiaomi's first EV to run on CALB and CATL batteries

After the court's ruling on August 3, CATL was stripped of its patents and CALB was free to sell the batteries in question. CATL's batteries reportedly start at RMB 80,000 ($11,000) and in Xiaomi's case, that is about 50% of the car's BoM.

This is crucial for Xiaomi's success as the company operates at a very thin margin of just 1% (similar to its smartphone business in the past) and plans to make money from its software products and services.


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Reader comments

If your profit is 1%, how good your warranty service can be?


CATL ist the biggest Battery supplier in the world. !

  • Phil

Thanks China for making many quality products accessible to middle classes as well as helping them live atleast some level of descent lives. Cannot imagine the scenario if there were only Western products in the world.



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