Xpeng opens order books in Europe for the G9 SUV and P7 sedan

Max McDee, 02 February 2023

Xpeng finally is opening up order books for the first two of its electric cars that are coming to Europe. The four lucky countries are Norway, Sweden, Netherlands and Denmark. Although the company has been selling its car in Norway for a while now, it was more of an informal arrangement.

Xpeng P7 has been on sale in Norway since last year but with the company expanding into more European markets, the decision was made to update the car with a more efficient battery for better range and faster charging.

XPeng opens order books in Europe for the G9 SUV and P7 sedan

After initial delays with the Xpeng P5, the company decided to introduce to Europe the XPeng G9 SUV instead. When it was first introduced in China, the company claimed it was the fastest charging SUV in the world. The initial choice of trims was quite confusing and the company quickly consolidated available options into a more clear offering.

The Xpeng G9 offers 570km of WLTP range (354mi) in the RWD Long Range trim and its silicone-carbide based platform supports up to 300kW charging. That means 10% to 80% recharge should take 20 minutes at a suitable fast charger.

XPeng opens order books in Europe for the G9 SUV and P7 sedan

The Xpeng P7 gets a new battery as well, with extended range to 576km (358mi) and charging from 10% to 80% in less than 30 minutes. On top of that, the sedan gets an electric tailgate, soft-closing mechanism for all of its doors, heated steering wheel and the new heat pump replaces the existing aircon unit.

Both vehicles come equipped with XPilot ADAS and the user interface is available in most of the European languages. Here are the prices converted to Euros from a local currency:

Market/Model G9 RWD SR G9 RWD LR G9 AWD Perfromance P7 RWD LR P7 AWD Perfromance P7 Wing Edition
Norway €45,800 €52,200 €58,600 €40,300 €43,950 €59,500
Sweden €61,720 €66,130 €73,190 €52,900 €59,080 €70,550
Netherlands €57,900 €61,990 €71,990 €49,990 €59,990 €69,990
Denmark €64,500 €73,920 €80,640 €53,750 €64,500 €80,640

Xpeng promises the deliveries will begin in June for the P7 sedan. Buyers of the G9 SUV will have to wait a little bit longer with first customers expected to get their cars in September.

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