YouTube and Google Cast arrive in Rivian R1S and R1T

Max McDee, 16 May 2024

The Rivian R1S and R1T, initially launched as the epitome of off-road electric luxury, are set to receive a long-awaited software update. Rivian owners will soon be able to transform their electric vehicles into mobile entertainment hubs.

Rivian has confirmed that a forthcoming update will introduce a native YouTube app, allowing users to enjoy their favorite videos directly on the vehicle's 15-inch touchscreen. This means that Rivian drivers and passengers can access YouTube's vast content library even without a smartphone.

YouTube and Google Cast finally arrive in Rivian R1S and R1T

But the update doesn't stop there. Rivian is also integrating Google Cast functionality, essentially turning each R1S and R1T into a rolling Chromecast. This powerful feature lets you directly cast content from a wide range of compatible smartphone apps onto the vehicle's display. Imagine streaming your favorite shows on Disney+, or Max while relaxing in your Rivian, all without the need for additional hardware. Unfortunately, Netflix is excluded from the casting update.

The process is simple: connect your smartphone or tablet to the car's Wi-Fi hotspot, open your chosen cast-compatible app, select "Rivian" from the list of available devices, and start streaming. Your mobile device becomes a remote, giving you complete control over your entertainment experience.

YouTube and Google Cast finally arrive in Rivian R1S and R1T

While this is undoubtedly exciting news for Rivian owners, it's important to note that this enhanced functionality will only be available when the vehicle is parked. Shifting into Drive will automatically pause video playback to ensure driver safety.

Rivian hasn't specified an exact release date for the update, stating only that it will be available "in the coming months." It's good to see Rivian addressing a long-standing demand from owners for native video entertainment options, bringing the R1S and R1T on par with competitors like Tesla, which have long offered in-car video streaming capabilities.



Reader comments

  • Goose

Great job…. The picture on your article is of Apple Car Play. So why wouldn’t the article be about google apps. Super trustworthy!

  • Anonymous

Sure, the new update sounds cool and all, but let's not forget the golden rule: safety first. It's good that the videos only play when the vehicle is parked. No distracted driving allowed!

  • Anonymous

That's just what I needed in a glorified golf cart. Never considered them before, but now I am buying a handful of them for friends and family.



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