Zeekr 001 gets a 2024 refresh with more power and lower price

Ro, 28 February 2024

The original Zeekr 001 debuted back in 2021 and added a high-performance version last year and entered the European market. Now the Geely-owned manufacturer decided it was time for a refresh.

Although the new 2024 Zeekr 001 retains the same exterior, the company added a couple of upgrades to all four available trims and lowered the price of some, too.

Zeekr 001 gets a 2024 refresh with more power and lower price

Perhaps the biggest upgrade the new Zeekr 001 got is the 800V platform, which swaps out the older 400V architecture. This allows for more efficient energy use as well as faster charging. Now the Zeekr 001 gets from 10 to 80% in just under 12 minutes.

The same WE (95 kWh), WE (100 kWh), ME (100 kWh) and YOU (100 kWh) trims remain with a few tweaks.

The single-motor WE (100 kWh) variant gets a performance boost from 200 kW up to 310 kW, while the other three configurations get two motors with a peak power output of 580 kW. These three trims also get the new Qlin battery from CATL with CLTC rating of 466 miles for the WE and 438 miles for the ME and YOU versions. The lower tier single motor WE variant gets a ShenXing CATL battery with 419 miles range.

The two WE versions retain the RMB 269,000 ($37,375) price tag, while the ME and YOU trims are now asking less - RMB 299,000 ($41,450) and RMB 329,000 ($45,700), respectively.

The Zeekr 001 is now available to order and actual shipments will begin on March 1.


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