Aehra Sedan joins its sibling Aehra SUV in the lineup from future

Max McDee, 16 June 2023

Aehra keeps promising, and it keeps delivering - the company promised us the most revolutionary SUV last year, and it did deliver. Not long ago, Aehra shared the news about progress made on the SUV, and it teased a second electric vehicle. Today, Aehra delivers again.

Say hello to Aehra Sedan. A 4-door and 4-seat ultra-luxurious electric spaceship pretending to be a car. There is no other way to put it, Aehra’s designs are just as good as concept cars from many automakers, but those concept vehicles never become real. Aehra - apparently - is working hard on bringing their product to life and assures anyone who cares to listen, that these vehicles are not concept cars, although still just renders - one day soon they will be real.

Aehra Sedan joins its sibling Aehra SUV in the lineup from future

It’s hard not to be skeptical, but at the same time, don’t you just wish that cars like that were available, even if just for a few lucky people out there? Aehra claims their vehicles have nothing to do with the future, they all use technology widely available now, and the only difference between Aehra’s vehicles and the rest of the world is the courage to be different.

Aehra Sedan is built on the same platform as its SUV siblings, the cars share the powertrain and the 120 kWh battery pack supplied by Miba. The sedan measures 200.8 inches, which again is exactly the same as the SUV. Although the company keeps the technical specification secret for now, it did mention on many occasions it wants both the SUV and the new Sedan to be able to outrun the likes of Tesla Model S Plaid. Unconfirmed rumors mentioned an 805 hp combined output, which is unlikely to put the Aehra in the same league as Tesla, but it’ll keep pressure on the Mercedes EQS at least.

Aehra Sedan joins its sibling Aehra SUV in the lineup from future

The interior of the Sedan features the same dashboard with a full-width screen that retracts upwards, creating one of a kind experience. The falcon doors, both front and rear, add to the drama - although may be tricky to use in tight spaces. The silhouette of the sedan is unmistakable, the windshield starts ahead of the front axle, and the functional air vents in the front and on the sides suggest a serious performance.

The Aehra Sedan is unquestionably Italian, you can see Filippo Perini’s hand on every curve. There are clear Lamborghini and McLaren influences - both in the front and in the overall shape of the Sedan. It’s like a Lamborghini meeting McLaren and coming up with a 4-door sedan - a practical and electric supercar.

Aehra Sedan joins its sibling Aehra SUV in the lineup from future

Costing more than $193,000, the Aehra Sedan is planned to launch in 2026, together with the SUV model. While the price seems attractive for such a vehicle, as time goes by, the price will go up. Aehra seems to be in a comfortable financial position, and unlike many other startups, is not looking for investors - it simply wants to bring its electric masterpieces to the market. The company is not rushing either, taking its sweet time to perfect both the Sedan, and SUV, and iron out all the kinks before the official launch. Only time will tell if Aehra Sedan and SUV will become real vehicles, for now, let’s hope they do.


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