BMW to rethink naming convention as it moves to Neue Klasse

Max McDee, 04 October 2023

BMW is heading for a naming makeover. The brand is reportedly going to embrace a more consistent naming system for both electric and traditional combustion engine vehicles.

Recent applications to the European trademark office reveal BMW’s new approach. These recent revelations are corroborated by additional filings with the German trademark authority.

BMW is about to move to a unified naming approach with the “i” prefix indicating electric models staying put.

BMW rethinks naming conventions

The Neue Klasse platform is where the new naming strategy will make its grand debut. Starting with the X3 family, the internal combustion models will be called X320 and X330, while their electric alternatives will sport names like iX330, iX340, and iX350.

The 3-Series will come in 330 and 340 on the ICE side and i330 and i340 EV flavors.

Neue Klasse vehicles with the new naming system won't be zipping around corners until 2025. But when they do, they promise to make BMW's lineup clearer, doing away with confusing designations that could easily leave one feeling lost in a vehicular alphabet maze.



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Damn, about time BMW got their act together with their naming system. It's been a hot mess, with all these confusing designations.

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Well, BMW is at it again - stupid naming schemes. In the past the last two numbers represented the engine displacement (or a bit of a left over from the previous generation). Seeing as a 340 should be a 4.0 engine and knowing that BMW tops out at 3.0...



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