BYD says goodbye to ICE

Max, 05 April 2022

BYD - China’s largest EV maker - has officially announced that following its plans from last year, it has stopped manufacturing vehicles that are entirely fuel powered. From now on BYD will focus on EV and plug-in hybrid cars. According to BYD it hasn’t sold a single petrol-only car in March 2022 nor has it produced one.

Current BYD car owners can relax though, as the company assures they will continue making parts for existing models and will continue supporting existing cars. The shift in sales of EV is staggering - in March this year alone, BYD sold over 108,000 EVs which is over 3 times more than the same period last year.

BYD says goodbye to ICE

BYD has set the plans to stop ICE-only car manufacturing back in June 2021, when their chairman Wang Chuanfu confirming it wanted to do that as early as 2022 - here we are, April 2022 and the plug has been pulled.

According to the chairman of BYD the transition process from fuel powered vehicles to EV and hybrid ones will take long time but the trend has already started.



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