BYD's Denza teases its next car by using Mercedes' name

Vlad, 05 April 2024

Denza started out as a joint-venture between Daimler (aka Mercedes) and BYD, but currently the former only holds about 10% of Denza's shares, with BYD growing to 90%. That isn't stopping Denza from using Mercedes' name to tease its next EV, however.

The new model was showcased on the streets of Stuttgart, Germany (which is Mercedes' home), and Denza's press release calls it "the new luxury sedan by Mercedes-Benz and BYD", which is disingenuous to say the least, as is calling it a "co-branded Denza". "Co-branding" means two brands are both used. In this case, that would mean this model would be the Mercedes-Benz BYD something. But it's not, it's just the next Denza.

BYD's Denza teases its next car by using Mercedes' name

Anyway, misleading shenanigans aside, it does look very sleek and aerodynamic from the official shots that were released, and which you can see above and below. Denza bills this as a "world-class new energy sedan", that has "a striking design and innovative electrification". We can see the former, while the latter is apparently "BYD's unveiled new energy technology".

BYD's Denza teases its next car by using Mercedes' name

The new Denza has been designed by Wolfgang Egger, formerly at Audi. Talking about the car, he said: "The design is simultaneously spirited and deluxe", whatever that means.

BYD's Denza teases its next car by using Mercedes' name

The new car will "be the pioneer in building Chinese new energy luxury sedans into world-class vehicles". Lofty aspirations indeed. We'll find out more in the coming months, as this model is slated to go on sale "by the end of this year".


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TBH, I love how a lot of readers care if anything is a visual or name plate copy as it only shows how many uneducated readers / drivers there are - to many it is a status symbol, a thing where you put gas or electricity - for many terms like packagin...

  • Anonymous

Also no one is forcing you to buy It. You can buy something else. I just love people like you, who are so simple, that they think Chinese companies are not doing any R&D and everything is just copied. Or that others are not copying anything ...

  • Anonymous

Then please list them. Your comment is totally useless without them. It's also disgusting that you intentionally use Choina instead of China, that just shows what kind of person you are.



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