BYD refreshes Han and Tang EVs, slashes their prices

Max McDee, 28 February 2024

Chinese EV giant BYD, the undisputed king of the world's largest electric car market, has turned up the heat once again. The company has launched updated versions of two of its popular flagship models, the Han sedan and Tang SUV, with prices slashed for good measure.

BYD calls these new models "Glory Editions," and the company confidently promises they'll undercut the prices of comparable gasoline-powered models. It really gets interesting: the Han Glory Edition starts at just RMB 169,800 (about $23,600) while the Tang Glory Edition kicks off at RMB 179,800 ($24,950). These deep cuts – RMB 20,000 (nearly $2,800) off the Han and RMB 30,000 (just over $4,100) off the Tang – will undoubtedly make rivals rethink their pricing strategies.


The BYD Han EV Glory Edition offers four variants with varying battery sizes and ranges. The CLTC range figures are 314 miles, 376 miles, 444 miles, and 379 miles. The 379 miles model boasts an all-wheel-drive system, while the rest are powered by a single motor driving the front wheels.

The BYD Tang EV version is still available in the Champion Edition and hasn’t been updated yet. The DM-i (plug-in hybrid) Glory Edition is purely focused on efficiency, so BYD has kept it simple. It comes in four variants, all with the same battery and plug-in hybrid powertrain setup.

BYD Tang BYD Tang
BYD Tang

Both the Han and Tang are available in a dizzying array of electric and plug-in hybrid (DM-i and DM-p) variants. These updated Glory Editions aren't just stripped-down budget bargains either. BYD has taken the opportunity to sweeten the deal with improved comfort features and driver-assist systems.

The company, already a force to be reckoned with, has its sights set on dominating its home turf even further. BYD's relentless sales growth shows no signs of slowing down – in 2023, the company moved over 3 million electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. This new aggressive move aims to squeeze gasoline-powered incumbents and accelerate the industry's shift away from fossil fuels.

And remember, this isn't BYD's first rodeo. The company started slashing prices last year with the introduction of its "Champion Edition" models. While a bold move, it's clearly paying dividends – BYD's 2024 sales target is a staggering 4 million units.


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