BYD's Seal and Dolphin, XPeng's P7 ace Euro NCAP safety test

Ro, 25 October 2023

Three new Chinese models went through the rigorous testing process of NCAP's European branch - the BYD Seal, BYD Dolphin and XPeng P7. All three received the maximum five-star rating, showing that Chinese manufacturers take safety just as seriously as their European competitors.

Euro NCAP's scores Euro NCAP's scores Euro NCAP's scores
Euro NCAP's scores

The latest Euro NCAP testing system takes into account the ever-changing automotive landscape in Europe. One of the required safety systems is CPD, which stands for child protection detection. This is a system that warns if there's a child left inside the car and it's particularly useful in hot weather conditions. And while BYD's tested vehicles have CPD, XPeng's P7 misses the functionality. It's a part of the reason why it got 81% in the Child Occupant category as opposed to BYD's 87% score. Notably, Euro NCAP is also the first organization worldwide to develop technical requirements for such a system.

Heavy storm conditions and flash flooding have become fairly frequent sightings in Europe for the last couple of years, so the organization's updated rating system for 2023 accounts for that too. There are two tests in place - one assesses the automatic unlocking of the car's doors when the vehicle is submerged in water, while the other tests the duration in which the electric windows remain functional, again under water. All three vehicles got extra points for these tests.

And as for the regular old crash tests, all three vehicles aced it and performed particularly well in the adult and child crash protection test. The three vehicles also offer a wide range of on-road safety features like lane and speed assistance.

Euro NCAP believes that the strong competition in the EV market is making car manufacturers focus more on the safety side of things, as European buyers are particularly picky when it comes to safety standards and features. So the Chinese manufacturers will have to accommodate for that and not fall lag behind their European rivals.



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smooth brain comment. ncap standards or rather any safety standards get updated. Renault cars back then will not pass with the same marks as of today. 18 years of experience doesn't mean jack because if it did, no one would take this serio...

renault has been getting 5 stars in every model since 2005. BYD begins getting 5 stars in 2023. how can you trust a brand that is 18 years behind it's competitors in basic features? how do Chinese people ignore human life and grow this brand so ...



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