Camouflaged Smart HY11 spotted in China

Max McDee, 25 January 2024

One of the test units of the upcoming Smart HY11 has been spotted on the street. Heavily camouflaged, the HY11 sparked curiosity online with many questioning whether this is the first MPV from Smart or the third crossover from the brand. With its debut expected at the Beijing Auto Show, that question will be answered shortly.

Smart HY11 is going to be the third electric vehicle from the Geely and Mercedes-owned brand. After the Smart #1 and Smart #3, the HY11 is definitely the largest in the lineup. Although it doesn’t look like a fully-fledged MPV, it certainly is possible it’ll sport a 7 or 6-seat layout.

Despite the heavy camouflage, we can make out quite a bulky body with pronounced wheel arches. The design of the headlights doesn’t seem to follow the design of its smaller siblings and the rear lights are not connected by a light bar suggesting the new addition to the Smart portfolio is going its own independent way.

The person who snapped the lucky photos managed to take a couple of snaps of the interior as well, and there the story is similar. There are two large screens, while the instrument cluster is smaller and offset behind the cover that hosts the two larger screens. The design of the dashboard is very angular and we can see the vehicle comes with a HUD and with the drive selector mounted on the steering column.

From the technical point of view, we know the HY11 is built on the same 800V SEA platform we know from other Smart and Volvo vehicles and it will sport the latest Smart Pilot Assist 3.0 ADAS. An interesting bit is that the HY11 has a double wishbone front suspension unlike the Smart #1 and #3 which come with the McPherson setup. These photos indeed pose more questions than they give answers.



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