Chengdu Motor Show is set for August 25

Max McDee, 03 May 2023

The Shanghai Auto Show just came to a close - with all the COVID restrictions in China lifted, the show was visited by nearly 1 million people with 13,000 journalists from all over the world descending on the venue. The electric cars were the most popular exhibits and many new models were introduced. With the show now over, it is time for the country's makers to shift focus to the Chengdu Motor Show.

Chengdu Motor Show is set for August 25

Chengdu Motor Show is one of the 4 most important yearly shows in China and is considered to be the most important one in Western China. Last year’s show was cut short due to COVID outbreak, but this year's event is planned to run for the full 10 days - from August 25 to September 3. Press day will be held on August 25.

There are no details yet available of which manufacturers will attend and what new electric cars will be unveiled but this will change soon. Last year there were 1,600 vehicles on display from 128 brands. 108 new vehicles were unveiled with 40 of them being electric. Nio exhibited a full range of its EVs at the Chengdu Motor Show and wowed the crowds with the battery swap station with a transparent floor.

Last year's event was bigger than this year's Shanghai Auto Show Last year's event was bigger than this year's Shanghai Auto Show

For comparison, the Shanghai Auto Show, which just finished, had 1,413 vehicles on display with 513 of them electric. The show covered 360,000 square meters and had nearly 1 million visitors from all over the world.

China is truly back online and open for business and let’s hope this doesn’t change. The Chengdu Motor Show will be bigger than last year and it will certainly be bigger than the Shanghai event. We can expect many new electric cars with every automaker from China present and many global companies will bring their vehicles as well.



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