Chinese startup Talent unveils record-breaking solid-state battery

Max McDee, 03 April 2024

Get ready for electric vehicles that could take you further than ever before! That's as long as you believe the hype in every press release, of course. Talent New Energy, a solid-state battery startup in China, claims it has just raised the bar with an astonishing new battery. Imagine a road trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back again on a single charge. This battery just might make that possible. There has to be a catch, right?

Talent New Energy's groundbreaking lithium battery boasts an energy density of 720 Wh/kg. That's double the energy density of leading EV batteries currently on the market. This higher energy density has significant implications – smaller, lighter batteries could power electric cars to travel twice the distance they currently do.

This breakthrough is especially impressive when compared to current industry leaders. For instance, Nio's 150-kWh semi-solid-state battery pack has a 360 Wh/kg capacity. Talent New Energy's battery, with its doubled energy density, promises to significantly expand the possibilities of electric vehicles.

Chinese startup Talent unveils record-breaking solid-state battery

So, what is a solid-state battery, and how is it different? Today's EVs rely on lithium-ion batteries, where energy is stored within a liquid electrolyte. Solid-state batteries, on the other hand, replace that liquid with a solid material. This switch promises significant advantages over traditional lithium-ion batteries. Solid-state batteries are expected to deliver more range. They are less prone to overheating and catching fire, a known safety concern for current technologies.

It's not just about the range, either. Imagine an EV battery that could charge faster than it takes to fill your gas tank. Talent New Energy's innovation hints at precisely that possibility.

Talent New Energy is one of many players in the solid-state battery game. Still, they've certainly taken a major leap forward. This breakthrough technology promises greater convenience and practicality for electric vehicles, which could accelerate a wider shift away from gasoline-powered cars.

Chinese startup Talent unveils record-breaking solid-state battery

So - the catch. This unquestionably stunning innovation is still in the prototype stage and there are plenty of prototypes around. While it hints at a future where electric vehicles may become the go-to for long-distance travel, there is yet to be a date for this tech. As much as we would love to say goodbye to range anxiety, lengthy charging stops, and bulky batteries that eat up space – we need to brace for a lengthy wait.

There is no doubt that EV batteries are improving. In just 10 years, the technology has made huge progress. Still, the solid-state battery that works, is small, provides an extensive range, and is affordable - is as elusive as snow in Sydney on Christmas day. Case in point - Nio's semi-solid 150 kWh battery pack gives the ET7 +650 miles range, but it costs the same as the entire Nio ET5. We have a long way to go, but the journey has already started.


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