Xiaomi makes a big breakthrough with solid-state battery tech

Ro, 03 March 2023

Like most tech companies nowadays, Xiaomi is also working on developing solid-state batteries that can be used for mobile devices and, more cruicially, EVs. The Chinese tech giant said it had made a big breakthrough and achieved a massive 1,000 Wh/l energy density. That's more than twice the energy density most EVs have to offer. As of now, that's about 450 Wh/l.

Xiaomi makes a big breakthrough with solid-state battery tech

The new tech promises to solve many issues with modern lithium batteries. Aside from the improved energy density, solid-state batteries also perform better in low temperatures. Xiaomi claims about 20% improved efficiency at -20°C. In addition, solid-state cells are safer as they don't explode when punctured due to the lack of liquid electrolytes.

The engineers further improved durability by coating the positive electrode with solid electrolyte ceramics.

Xiaomi tested its prototype on a Xiaomi 13 smartphone and was able to cram up a 6,000 mAh unit inside the small handset.

As is usually the case with cutting-edge tech, the real challenge is producing those batteries at scale and making them economically viable. Xiaomi still has a long way to go, but if it keeps the current pace, we may very well see a Xiaomi-made EV powered by a solid-state battery in the coming years.



Reader comments

  • Savi

My 2 year old Redmi note 10 pro has a good batery. I don't understand how MIUI is draining the batery, not true.

  • JK

What are you saying ?, the present batteries last long time and quick charging in my 10c

  • Anonymous

samsung with grafene, other with sodium, so many new technologies but we are still using a 30 year old tech that is lythium. We need some innovation concerning batteries asap



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