Dacia and NNG pioneer smartphone-based map updates

Max McDee, 05 September 2023

Map updates are no longer the daunting and drawn-out task they once were. Dacia and NNG have ushered in an era where updating your car’s navigation is as simple as scrolling through your smartphone. Say goodbye to hours spent fidgeting with in-car systems; Dacia and NNG have engineered a solution that'll have you back on the road in record time.

The world's gone mobile, and so has Dacia's navigation. Thanks to a collaboration with NNG, a giant in the realm of infotainment and navigation systems, Dacia drivers can now update their in-car maps directly through a smartphone application aptly named the "Dacia Map Update."

Dacia and NNG pioneer smartphone-based map updates

One could describe the process as delightfully uneventful. Users select, purchase, and download the most recent regional content straight to their mobile devices. Next, they plug their smartphone into their Dacia vehicle via USB, launch the app, and the magic begins. The map content seamlessly flows from the phone to Dacia's Media Nav system. The entire process? A mere 15 minutes. A short enough time that your coffee might still be warm when you're ready to hit the road again.

If you're wondering about the cost, Dacia's got you covered. The initial six updates, delivered biannually over a span of three years, won't cost users a dime. After this period, Dacia offers the freedom to buy updates for specific regions, catering to those who'd rather not pay for unneeded map territories.

Dacia and NNG pioneer smartphone-based map updates

Here's a surprising twist. The app, designed to bridge the technological gap for cars sans over-the-air (OTA) update features, has found its home on Android devices, accessible through the Google Play Store. And for those leaning toward the Apple ecosystem? Hold tight; support is on the horizon.

Dacia, a subsidiary of the Renault Group, has sold almost three million vehicles equipped with the NNG iGO Navigation. This collaboration, in essence, impacts a sizable chunk of Dacia drivers, enhancing their driving experience.

Dacia and NNG pioneer smartphone-based map updates

Balázs Bodorkós, NNG's Director of Product Management, shed light on the growing demand for accurate maps and connected mobility services. In an era where every device communicates, cars without built-in connectivity face a considerable challenge in staying up-to-date. NNG's collaboration with the Renault Group helps to alleviate this pain point, offering a straightforward and efficient update process.

Although Dacia tries to paint this as a revolution in the world of car navigation, it’s far from it but it is a great help for owners of aging vehicles with no access to OTA updates. The union of Dacia and NNG promises not only the ease of updates but also a leap forward in making technology more accessible, and user-friendly. And we can jump on board with that.



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