Deepal L07 debuts as sleek electric sedan with Huawei-powered smarts

Max McDee, 20 May 2024

Emerging from the collaborative efforts of Changan and Huawei, the Deepal L07 is a new electric sedan that promises a blend of cutting-edge technology and sleek design and comes in pure electric and EREV configurations.

Positioned as the "smart" sibling to the sporty Deepal SL03, the L07 boasts Huawei's advanced intelligent driving system. The Huawei-Changan partnership results from a collaboration agreement signed between the two companies in November 2023, focused on developing such systems.

Deepal L07 - sleek electric sedan with Huawei-powered smarts

Interestingly, the L07's introduction has stirred some confusion as the SL03 is currently being marketed as the L07 in Thailand. There's speculation that Deepal may revamp its naming strategy, potentially using "L0" for sedans and "S0" for SUVs. Despite the naming puzzle, Deepal CEO Deng Chenghao has confirmed that both the SL03 and L07 will coexist in the market.

Visually, the L07 builds upon the SL03's design language, incorporating a bold, curved front end and a distinctive full-width taillight with an illuminated Deepal logo. An electrically operated rear wing adds a touch of flair. Measuring 191.73 inches long, 74.41 inches wide, and 58.27 inches tall, the L07 is slightly longer than the SL03, while the wheelbase remains unchanged at 114.2 inches. The curb weight varies between 4,112 lb and 4,145 lb, depending on the model.

Deepal L07 MIIT images Deepal L07 MIIT images
Deepal L07 MIIT images

The EV variant features a potent 185 kW electric motor, promising brisk acceleration and responsive performance. The EREV model combines a 72 kW 1.5-liter gasoline engine with a 160 kW electric motor, offering the best of both worlds: extended range and reduced emissions. Both versions use lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery packs, a technology known for its lower cost, durability, and safety.

While official pricing has yet to be released, the Deepal L07 is anticipated to be a strong contender in the electric sedan market. Its intelligent technology, pleasant aesthetics, and diverse powertrain options could be a winning formula.


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