Dodge Charger EV to debut on March 5

Max McDee, 29 February 2024

Electric cars are taking over, and even beloved muscle-car giants feel the pressure to go green. Last year, Dodge announced its plan to reinvent the iconic Charger as an all-electric powerhouse. Now, the wait is finally over - Dodge is set to unveil its electric Charger EV in a week, trying to make good on its promise for a unique muscle car experience in the EV realm.

Get ready for shadows to dissipate, revealing a retro-infused EV with full-width DRLs, a revived Fratzog logo, and figures who could be Dodge designers ready to blow away some skepticism. Is Dodge, with its legacy of tire-burning, gas-guzzling machines, serious about offering an electric muscle car? Absolutely – and Dodge is aiming to prove that an electrified future might actually surpass the past.

Previewed by the Dodge Charger Daytona SRT concept, the new Charger EV could deliver up to a mind-blowing 885 horsepower, putting it in hypercar territory. Of course, muscle car fans will understandably argue that raw power isn't the whole story. They'll miss the roar of the classic V8 and the visceral, rumbling, character of the experience.

Dodge Charger EV to debut on March 5

Well, Dodge isn't ignoring those concerns. They recognize that the soul of a muscle car goes beyond sheer speed. Their answer? Two innovative features. First, Dodge is developing an Active Vibration Enhancement system that aims to mimic the shuddering feel of an internal combustion engine. Secondly, Dodge is replacing fake exhaust noise with an amplified version of the actual electric motor sound through its 'Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust' system.

The purists will still take some convincing, but that's the beauty of Dodge's approach. Instead of dismissing traditional muscle cars outright, they're making space for both. The new Charger EV will offer three power levels and Dodge Direct Connection upgrades for tweaking performance. Entry-level models will start with a respectable 455 horsepower with upgrades to push into the 500s. There are even whispers of a gas-powered “Hurricane” inline-six model of the Charger in the works, meant to appeal to fans of traditional engines.

Dodge Charger EV to debut on March 5

While some aspects of the interior design are still a mystery, we can expect a similar dual-screen setup from the concept, including a touchscreen with the latest Uconnect infotainment and a digital instrument cluster. Thankfully, Dodge seems to be ditching the over-the-top LED lighting from the concept - this is a muscle car, not a disco.

Despite the switch to two doors, Dodge promises the new Charger will retain some of the practicality of its predecessors, suggesting spacious rear seats and a convenient liftback-style trunk. Whether this will be enough to satisfy buyers used to four doors and a spacious trunk remains to be seen.

Dodge Charger EV to debut on March 5

The battery pack of a Charger is rumored to be between 87kWh and 118kWh, suggesting it’s focused more on heart-pumping performance than setting range records. With multiple electric motors likely, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Charger can smoke its rear tires at will.

Love it or hate it, Dodge is clearly betting big on an electrified muscle car future. Traditionalists may find it sacrilegious, but with horsepower figures like these, and the effort Dodge is making to bridge the gap between old and new, there's bound to be a whole new generation of muscle car enthusiasts won over by pure performance. Buckle up, because the EV muscle wars are about to begin.



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