Electric Renault 5 will arrive in 2024 with 134 HP

Max McDee, 08 October 2022

Renault is bringing back its iconic hatchback but in a much updated form. The new and all-electric Renault 5 will reach first customers in 2024 and will be powered by a front-mounted 134 HP (100 kW) electric motor made in the same factory that used to make engines for the original Renault 5.

Electric Renault 5 will arrive in 2024 with 134 HP

Cléon factory has been manufacturing engines for compact Renault cars since early 1960s, it has been fully revamped now and adapted to manufacture electric motors. The factory is already making the 160 kW motor used in the Megane E-Tech Electric. It will manufacture the 100 kW unit as well as the even more potent, 200 kW version developed together with Valeo. Reportedly that version doesn’t use any rare-earth metals.

Thanks to the updated EV platform, new NCM battery and electric motors, Renault expects the 5 to be 33 percent cheaper than the soon-to-be-retired Zoe which would put the target price at around €21,000. Expected driving range for the Renault 5 is a respectable 400 km or 248 miles.

Electric Renault 5 will arrive in 2024 with 134 HP

The 5 will be only available as an electric car, it clearly takes its design cues from the original Renault 5 and it makes a rather good use of the classic design language. Luca De Meo, who is the CEO of Renault, has a great track record when it comes to reviving icons - he was responsible for the success of Fiat 500 in his previous post.

De Meo confirmed Renault will bring back the iconic trims Supercinq and 5 Turbo, obviously with a modern EV twist. We have seen what designers and engineers can come up with when left unsupervised in the same room with an iconic 5 Turbo.

Electric Renault 5 will arrive in 2024 with 134 HP

The production Renault 5 Turbo won’t be as wild as its prototype, it will most likely use the Megan E-Tech 160 kW electric motor for substantially more fun. There is of course Alpine which plans to bring electric models to the market and Renault 5 has been confirmed to be one of them - Renault 5 Alpine anyone?

The details about the Renault 5 keep popping up all over the Internet and we’ll have some definitive answers next week, when the company will officially unveil both the Renault 5 and Renault 4 cars at the Paris Motor Show.

Renault 5 Alpine - courtesy of Avarvarii Renault 5 Alpine - courtesy of Avarvarii



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I really hope they can deliver and make it into a decent upgrade/replacement to Zoe, which even when it was brand new, felt incredibly ancient and inefficient - 16+ kWh/100 km for such a small, slow car, was incredibly bad.

  • Olamide

To play google

Most Europeans are a day late and a dollar short. The Chinese will buy them out before this car ever makes it into a showroom at this rate.



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