Entry level Lucid Air Pure to offer RWD option with 430 hp

Max McDee, 15 February 2023

Lucid Air Pure was unveiled by the end of last year and it was always meant as the entry trim for the luxury brand. As such the EV is priced from $92,900 and it comes with the 480 hp AWD drivetrain with EPA rated range of 410 miles. It’s hard to call it an entry level trim when it deals with 0 to 60 mph sprint in 3.8 seconds but in the world of Lucid electric cars it is at the bottom of the lineup.

Entry level Lucid Air Pure to offer RWD option with 430 hp

Lucid was supposed to offer an even cheaper version of the Air Pure, the entry trim of the entry trim, the purest and cheapest Lucid available. At the time of launch there were no details available and the company has been quiet about its plans but now we have reports that buyers who placed preorders for the Lucid Air Pure have been sent an email from the company.

The email confirms the availability of the single-motor option and discloses preliminary specification together with the price. The RWD Lucid Air Pure comes with 430 hp and 550 Nm of torque. The quoted 0 to 60 mph acceleration takes 4.4 seconds and projected range is 406 miles. All that for $87,400 or $5,500 less than the AWD version.

Entry level Lucid Air Pure to offer RWD option with 430 hp

Everything else remains unchanged - 900V architecture with the battery that can add 200 miles of range (322 km) in about 15 minutes of charging thanks to the 250 kW DC charging.

The delivery times are not yet specified, the AWD version began deliveries on December 31. Those who order the RWD version will get one year of free charging at Electrify America.



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"Entry level" "$87,400" Yes, almost twice an average American's salary, but sure it's entry level. Could you imagine wasting like 5% of your life working towards buying a car. 💀 Why does this company even exist? T...



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