Europe's cheapest electric car gets a makeover - meet the 2024 Dacia Spring

Max McDee, 21 February 2024

If you're looking for an affordable electric vehicle, the pint-sized Dacia Spring is about to get even more enticing. Europe's cheapest electric car just got a makeover and some handy new features for the 2024 model year. And it's finally heading to UK shores.

Europe's cheapest electric car just got a whole lot cooler - introducing 2024 Dacia Spring

The forgettable looks of the older Dacia Spring are finally history. This refreshed model borrows styling cues from the brand's rugged Duster SUV, giving it some much-needed attitude. The boxy exterior gets plastic cladding and chunky wheel arches, making it look like it's ready for some light off-roading (even though it really isn't). The good news is, Dacia says the changes won't drive up pricing significantly – the current model sells for under $21,000 in France and Germany. When it finally debuts in the UK, the price should come just under $25,000 .

The Dacia Spring has a clear advantage in the European market, where demand for budget-friendly EVs is on the rise. While it does have competitors like the Citroen Ami (technically a quadricycle) and the Fiat 500e, the Spring's price to practicality ratio is just right for a lot of urban commuters.

The base model keeps things simple, while higher trims add features like a touchscreen infotainment system, and air conditioning. You can also customize the look of your Spring with optional 15 or 16-inch wheels.

Inside, there's a total dashboard overhaul, complete with a digital instrument cluster and optional 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system. The interior design is simple but stylish, with pops of funky colors. And despite its tiny size (it's just 145.7 inches long), the Spring boasts a decent amount of storage space.

Europe's cheapest electric car just got a whole lot cooler - introducing 2024 Dacia Spring

Don't expect blistering performance or Tesla-beating range from the Dacia Spring. Its modest motor gives you between 45 and 65 horsepower (depending on the version), resulting in a sluggish 0-62 mph time of up to 14 seconds. It also has a relatively small battery, maxing out at 137 miles of range. Dacia says the vast majority of drivers of the first gen Spring cover less than 40 miles daily, who needs super-long range anyway?

One of the Spring's biggest advantages is its weight (or lack thereof). It weighs in at under 2,200 lb, a rarity in modern EVs. This means it's super efficient, helping you save even more on energy costs and reducing its environmental impact. Plus, its small size is a huge bonus in crowded cities, making parking a breeze.

The 2024 refresh adds the option of bidirectional charging. That means you can use the Spring as a mobile power source for appliances. Think camping trips, outdoor parties, or even powering essential items during blackouts – a practical plus in this budget buy.


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no lfp no buy

Tell it to 1 kWh battery in 20 years old Prius, still going strong:-D Battery = dead -> bad battery management, same goes for winter range. Darcia only have basic resistor heating, so expect quite a big impact in winter. On the other hand, thi...

  • Ravikumar

PUBG NewState will have this Dacia, on next update, coming soon shortly



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