EVs dominate European car of the year awards

Ro, 28 November 2023

The European Car Of The Year 2024 contest is in its final stage as the finalists have been announced. And the list is absolutely dominated by EVs with 5 out of the 7 contenders, plus the BMW 5 Series which comes in both EV and ICE flavors.

EVs dominate European car of the year awards

So out of the 7 finalists, 6 are available as EVs. We have the BMW 5 Series, BYD Seal, Kia EV9, Peugeot E-3008/3008, Renault Scenic, Toyota C-HR and the Volvo EX30. The Toyota C-HR is the only car with a BEV variant, but it's still a hybrid.

The BYD Seal is interesting as a Chinese-made vehicle among the top 7 is news on its own.

The jury comprises representatives from many European countries. You can check out the 2023 jury if you are interested.

We will have to wait long before a winner is awarded, though. The jury will have to do some test drives and do a final round of voting on February 26, 2024 during the annual Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.



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