The last Renault Zoe will be manufactured on March 30

Max McDee, 26 July 2023

It's a bittersweet farewell to an electric trailblazer as Renault sets the closing act for its lauded Zoe electric car. Scheduled for March 30th, 2024, the curtain will fall on Zoe's production at the Flins plant, bringing an end to an epoch of innovation and technological brilliance. With no encore planned for the Zoe generation, this is a definitive adieu to a true pioneer in the field.

This is not an exit, but a transformation. Zoe is not being pushed off the stage, but rather graciously making way for the next act – a fresh ensemble of Renault electric cars. This includes the Renault 5 or the R5, due to make its grand entrance as a production model later this year and commence production in Douai, Northern France, from 2024.

Final curtain call for Renault's electric pioneer, the Zoe

Zoe was instrumental in rehearsing the groundbreaking vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology for these future stars. Her role has been crucial, and her influence will linger long after the curtain drops, seen in Renault's new offerings like the R5, which comes ready with V2G capabilities.

This transition is not unique to Zoe. Renault's other electric pioneer, the Twizy electric microcar, is also preparing for its final bow in September 2023. But fear not, for the Mobilize Duo and its cargo variant, the Bento, are waiting in the wings to replace the Twizy. These newcomers are designed to fully utilize the mechanisms of the circular economy and new approaches to the car as a revenue platform.

The performance version of Zoe never made it past the planning stage The performance version of Zoe never made it past the planning stage

Reflecting on Zoe's performance over the years, she certainly holds a respectable repertoire. Since her production began in 2012, around 420,000 units of Zoe have been produced. Despite a dip in interest over the recent years - 2022 saw sales of just 12,182 Zoes compared to about 19,000 of the competing Peugeot e-208 - Zoe still manages to keep pace with other Renault models. Twingo Electric and the larger Mégane E-Tech reported sales of 12,600 and 15,580 units respectively in the same year.

Beyond her contributions to sales, Zoe's real legacy lies in the world of electric charging. Despite lagging behind Stellantis' electric cars on DC charging performance, Zoe championed the cause of charging technology, particularly the V2G tech. Renault's introduction of the Mobilize V2G service alongside the Renault 5 launch, complete with a smartphone app for programming bidirectional charging, is a testament to the path Zoe carved out.

Renault Zoe is making way for the newcomer - Renault 5 Renault Zoe is making way for the newcomer - Renault 5

So, as Zoe prepares for her final bow, let's remember her not for her exit, but for the stage she set for the future of electric vehicles. Renault Zoe's name is derived from the Greek word for 'life' - a fitting name for a vehicle that breathed new life into the electric vehicle industry. Though her production ends, her legacy will continue to drive Renault's electric journey. Because of Zoe, the future seems a little brighter and a whole lot more electric.

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