Infiniti teases new vehicles to dealers, sheds more light on EV roadmap

Max McDee, 29 June 2023

Infiniti, the luxury vehicle brand of Nissan, is undergoing a significant brand refresh. While its parent company grapples with the growing demand for electric vehicles, armed with the aging Nissan Leaf - now cheapest ever thanks to the new Shiro edition - and the Ariya, Infiniti is still left without a proper EV. The company aims to redefine itself through this transitional period and in a recent meeting with its dealers has revealed more about its plans to do so.

Infiniti QS Inspiration concept car Infiniti QS Inspiration concept car

Infiniti already introduced a fresh, streamlined logo and now it's redesigned its showrooms to reflect a new era. The newly minted showrooms feature plenty of glass and natural light, along with natural decor and vast spaces to create an environment that showcases the brand's products in the best possible light. To further enhance the shopping experience, a unique 'signature scent' now greets visitors, signaling that this is a brand seeking to engage all senses.

However, the most thrilling development for the brand, and its followers, has been the tease of two new electric vehicles during a closed-door event for Infiniti dealers in the U.S. These vehicles will mark the brand's first foray into the realm of electric mobility. Sadly, this was a closed-door event, and no official images are available yet, so we are still left with this short clip from a year ago.

In the video, we get a glimpse of two electric sedans - one from Nissan and one from Infiniti. Clearly, the two are closely related with the overall design following the current trends - aerodynamic shape with the hatchback-like rear end, long wheelbase, short overhangs, and low roofline - all pointing to a good-looking EV but far from revolutionary.

During the dealer-only event, the first EV teased was a sedan, reportedly bearing similarities in dimensions and shape to the Tesla Model S - which we can now see in the video above. However, it offers a sportier rear, reminiscent of the Porsche Taycan, and boasts a long wheelbase with short overhangs. This, along with a seamless wrap of headlights and taillights from side to side, underscores Infiniti's commitment to delivering a high-quality EV that doesn’t compromise on design.

First electric Infiniti teased in a short video

In addition to the electric sedan, Infiniti also shared images of an electric crossover. This mid-size EV is said to resemble a "futuristic-looking QX50," generating considerable buzz among the attendees. Both these EVs are to be produced in the U.S., at Infiniti's Canton, Mississippi factory, with Nissan investing a considerable $500 million in preparing the facility for EV manufacturing.

However, the journey to electrification is a race against time. Infiniti plans to launch its first EV only in late 2026, three full years from now, while the electric crossover will follow in mid-2027. Given the rapidly evolving landscape of the electric vehicle market, this timeline seems disappointing. Infiniti will need to deliver some seriously good vehicles for the wait to be worth it.

Interior of the Infinity QS Inspiration Interior of the Infinity QS Inspiration

The brand's refresh aims to deliver more than just vehicles; it promises an upgraded experience for customers. With its innovative designs and commitment to delivering electric mobility, Infiniti is showing signs of life after years of stagnation. While it's true that the brand has a challenging journey ahead to catch up with competitors, this grand reboot indicates that Infiniti is ready to embrace the electric future. Let’s hope the ‘better late than never’ approach works out for it.


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