Fisker ramps up Ocean EV production, aiming for 300 daily deliveries by year-end

Max McDee, 27 September 2023

Fisker has recently celebrated the production of its 5,000th Ocean electric SUV at Magna Steyr's manufacturing plant located in Graz, Austria. This highlights the company’s aggressive ramp-up in production since its initiation in November 2022, a noteworthy feat considering the escalating demand for electric SUVs in the market.

In a short span of three weeks, Fisker has rolled out almost 2,000 Ocean SUVs, an uptick from the 3,123 vehicles that were assembled by the beginning of September. Aiming to satiate the growing consumer appetite for their electric SUV, Fisker anticipates escalating the customer deliveries to 300 vehicles per day as the year concludes.

Fisker ramps up production of Ocean EV, aiming for 300 daily deliveries by year-end

In the grand scheme of things 300 vehicles daily daily may not sound like much, but to put this into perspective, Fisker has delivered a cumulative total of 900 customer vehicles across its launch markets in Europe and the US. The company’s commitment to scaling up production and delivery operations may finally put it on the EV map in a meaningful way.

Fisker ramps up production of Ocean EV, aiming for 300 daily deliveries by year-end

Fisker is currently delivering the top-tier Ocean Extreme model, starting from $68,999 in the US and €69,950 in Germany. Equipped with a 113 kWh Hyper Range battery pack and a dual-motor AWD powertrain, the Ocean Extreme offers an EPA range of 360 miles and a WLTP range of 440 miles on standard 20-inch wheels and tires. This specification sets the Fisker Ocean Extreme as the longest-range electric SUV available in Europe today.

For those considering varied options, Fisker also offers the mid-range Ultra and entry-level Sport models. The 340 miles Ocean Ultra is available at $49,999, while the 250 miles Ocean Sport is priced starting at $37,499 in the US. The same vehicles in Germany are priced at €57,000 and €41,560 respectively.

Fisker ramps up production of Ocean EV, aiming for 300 daily deliveries by year-end


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Strange, indeed. Maybe they thought it will never be produced...

On can't help notice that Fisker is still nowhere to be found in your EV finder..why is that? Does it have to do with sales volume?



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