Fisker Ocean comes with 708 km of WLTP range

Max McDee, 27 March 2023

Good things come to those who wait - apparently. Fisker’s customers have been waiting for the company’s first car, the Ocean SUV for a while now but it seems the wait was well worth it. Fisker Ocean in the Extreme launch edition was given 440 miles WLTP rating which exceeds the expected numbers by 15 percent.

440 miles is just over 708 km and even though the WLTP ratings are still optimistic when we compare them to EPA standards, the 708 km range is still a huge reason for celebrations - both for Fisker and its customers. The only electric cars that come with better range are Lucid Air Grand Touring, Grand Touring Performance, and Dream Edition Range.

Fisker Ocean comes with 708 km of WLTP range

While Fisker is awaiting the EPA results - which most likely will be much lower - the company is not wasting any time and rubbing it in. Truth be told - the celebrations are well deserved, after all the Fisker Ocean is an SUV that has the fourth-best WLTP range among electric cars available in Europe and the US.

When we look at the driving range of electric SUVs, the gap between Fisker Ocean and the competition grows significantly. BMW iX xDrive50 offers 611 km, Tesla Model X LR+ comes with 560 km, Tesla Model Y LR has 565 km and the Mercedes EQS SUV 580 4MATIC tops out at 602 km. Those cars already offer what is considered a great range but Fisker Ocean Extreme goes an extra 100 km - that’s a huge difference.

Fisker Ocean comes with 708 km of WLTP range

Fisker beats much bigger and much more expensive SUVs, others in its own segment have no chance - or do they? The Ocean Extreme is a limited launch-only edition and the company hasn’t revealed any details yet of its battery capacity. All we know is its power output of 550 hp and its starting price of $68,999.

For the moment the company is not sharing any range details either for the entry model with 279 hp or for the Sport model with 540 hp. The factory estimated figures are 443 km for the Sport version and 610 km for the Ultra trim. If those numbers were equally underestimated as in the case of the Ocean Extreme edition, we can expect around 15 percent improvement.

Fisker Ocean comes with 708 km of WLTP range

The wait for Fisker Ocean isn’t over yet, the first cars are still yet to be delivered to the first customers. The company is on track to deliver electric cars that are actually attractively priced and start looking like a really good value for money - let’s hope the second time around is the charm for Fisker.



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