Germany's EV industry largest in Europe, China leads globally

Max McDee, 12 June 2024

Germany has solidified its position as Europe's leading electric vehicle manufacturer. In 2023, German automakers produced a staggering 1.27 million electric cars, comprising both battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. This figure places Germany second only to China in global EV production.

While most of China's EVs are sold domestically, Germany has a more outward-facing approach, with 76% of its electric cars destined for export markets. This makes Germany a key player in the global EV landscape, supplying electric vehicles to countries worldwide. Within Europe, Germany's dominance is even more pronounced, with its EV production exceeding that of second-placed Spain and third-placed France - combined.

Germany's EV industry largest in Europe, globally only 2nd to China

The German government has set ambitious targets for EV adoption, aiming for 10 million registered EVs by 2030. However, the road to achieving this goal has its challenges. In late 2023, the government abruptly halted its EV subsidy program due to budgetary constraints. This move has raised concerns about the affordability of EVs for consumers. It could potentially slow down the pace of EV adoption in the country.

The subsidy program, which offered up to $7,240 in financial incentives for EV buyers, has been replaced with a less generous scheme. Under the new program, BEVs with a net list price of up to $48,300 are eligible for a subsidy of $4,800, while more expensive vehicles no longer receive any subsidies. This policy change has been criticized by industry stakeholders, who argue that it could make EVs less attractive to potential buyers.

Germany's EV industry largest in Europe, globally only 2nd to China

German automakers also face challenges related to software development and supply chain complexities. Tesla and Chinese automakers have taken the lead in these areas, leaving German manufacturers playing catch-up. In addition, German automakers often rely on American and East Asian companies for EV batteries, creating dependency issues and hindering their ability to develop their own battery technologies.

Despite these challenges, Germany remains a significant force in the electric car industry. The country is investing in battery production capabilities. Volkswagen is partnering with companies like Northvolt to secure a stable supply chain for EV batteries. These efforts are crucial for Germany to maintain its leadership position in the European EV market and compete globally.


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