GM and Honda will jointly develop affordable EVs

Ro, 05 April 2022

GM and Honda previously announced the joint development of two EVs for the US market by 2024 but now the two automakers are seemingly extending their collaboration. They promise to ship a series of affordable EVs by 2027.

In its press release, the companies specifically say they are developing their global production capacity so they will be able to deliver millions of vehicles by 2027. Compact crossovers included. The two carmakers will be focusing mostly on their key markets such as North and South America and China.

GM and Honda announce another partnership, to work on affordable EVs

In addition, GM and Honda outline that their partnership is working towards delivering new battery technologies including lithium-metal, silicon and solid-state cells.



Reader comments

  • vcrule

Oh gosh, NO PLEASE Honda don't do it! Let GM provide the money and Honda the engineering, and practicality of the vehicle. Maybe let GM do some design (ugly but who cares as long as the car lasts forever lol).



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