GM’s Super Cruise expands its reach to 750,000 miles

Max McDee, 16 February 2024

General Motors announced an expansion of its Super Cruise hands-free driver assistance system. Drivers with compatible vehicles can now enjoy the luxury of removing their hands from the wheel on an additional 350,000 miles of highways, bringing the total Super Cruise network in the United States and Canada to a whopping 750,000 miles. This is truly impressive, with GM stating that it's nearly six times the coverage you'll find with competitors. That's a lot of hands-free road trips.

This update focuses on smaller highways that crisscross rural areas, opening up Super Cruise to those traveling long distances through towns and backcountry. GM, as a leader in hands-free driver assistance, knows that technology like Super Cruise has to be both accessible and useful to gain true consumer buy-in.

GM's Super Cruise now covers 750,000 miles of roads GM's Super Cruise now covers 750,000 miles of roads

GM was the first in the game back in 2017 with its Super Cruise system, followed by the likes of Ford with its Blue Cruise and Nissan with ProPilot Assist V2.

While Tesla gets a lot of press for its FSD software, remember that these supervised driver assistance systems aren't the same as Waymo or Cruise's self-driving technology – a human behind the wheel remains essential. While Tesla pushes out updates like there's no tomorrow, GM has taken a more measured approach. Super Cruise uses pre-mapped 'geo-fenced' highways with precise LiDAR data along with driver monitoring cameras for extra safety.

Over the years, GM has steadily worked on expanding Super Cruise's capabilities and road network. What started as a feature focused solely on interstate driving in late 2017 is now capable of much more. GM was the first out of the gate with support for trailering, automatic lane change, and enhanced navigation with the scoop on road conditions ahead with detailed map data.

GM’s Super Cruise expands its reach to 750,000 miles

An interesting addition is the Driver Requested Offset, allowing the driver to personalize Super Cruise lane position slightly within the driving lane as well as the clever Collaborative Steering, which makes sure the minor input tweaks don't disengage the system to navigate potholes or debris.

GM's track record is rather impressive for Super Cruise; 160 million accident-free miles and not a single crash attributed to the system is certainly noteworthy. Tesla doesn't exactly open its Autopilot kimono when it comes to this type of accident reporting. It's certainly no secret that inattentive drivers make these systems riskier than need be. Super Cruise may seem overly safe for some - many users report that its smooth lane-keeping and highway navigation make for stress-free journeys.

With this latest expansion, GM is putting Super Cruise compatibility in models including the upcoming Chevrolet Equinox, Equinox EV, Blazer EV, and the iconic Cadillac Escalade IQ - that's a massive vote of confidence. Interestingly, the Cadillac Lyriq does not support the system, yet the cheap-and-cheerful Bolt EUV does.

GM’s Super Cruise expands its reach to 750,000 miles

It's essential to remember that Super Cruise is constantly evolving, with GM promising that its new road mapping is only just beginning. While the 750,000 miles of roads have been mapped, they will all become available between now and 2025 and you can expect those additional highways and potential new features to come through to your vehicle via over-the-air updates. Older GM vehicles equipped with the first-generation Super Cruise hardware, like the Cadillac CT6, unfortunately, won't have access to this huge map expansion.

Whether Super Cruise is worth it, depends entirely on your needs. Consider factors like how often you do long-distance drives, if your routes match the available roads, and your general willingness to invest in the luxury of letting the car take over during long stints on the highway. Do some digging. You may be surprised to find Super Cruise compatibility in more affordable GM models now. If you can get past the initial $2,500 price tag, and carry on with the monthly $25 subscription, you may very well become a Super Cruise convert on your next long trip.


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The Lyriq DOES support Supercruise on Sport 2 and Luxury 2 trims and higher.



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