Honda N-Van e announced, will cost $6,700

Ro, 29 September 2023

Honda announced that it's making its gas-powered N-Van fully electric back in 2022 and now the car manufacturer revealed a bit more details about the so-called Honda N-Van e:. The cargo van will be displayed at this year's Japan Mobility Show 2023 scheduled for the end of October.

Honda N-Van e: Honda N-Van e:
Honda N-Van e:

The two press releases dedicated to the N-Van e: on Honda's official website mostly talk about how practical the vehicle is and a delivery man shares his thoughts on comfort, features, etc. Unfortunately, Honda didn't share the battery capacity but said the WLTC range is rated at 130 miles, which should be enough for intra-city trips. That's what the vehicle is for in the first place.

A full charge takes about five hours using a 6 kW AC outlet, but DC fast charging is also available, going up to 50 kW, which is enough to get the cell from 10 to 80% in just 30 minutes. The N-Van e: also offers an outlet of its own, providing up to 1.5 kW power.

The exterior and the interior are pretty much identical to the standard ICE variant, meaning it doesn't rely on a different platform. It uses the same one.

Honda N-Van e: Honda N-Van e: Honda N-Van e:
Honda N-Van e:

The N-Van e: comes in three main trims - two passenger-oriented and one specifically made for cargo with just two seats. This one can take up to 772 lb of cargo, while the two other four-seater variants are limited to 661 lb.

Pricing isn't clear yet, but Honda itself said it will be aiming at about $6,700. Actual release will happen sometime next year.

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Reader comments

If by some miracle it ever came to the US it would be priced at $20k+.

  • Tomas Rh

If it comes to Europe at this price point it will have quite a success. But I bet the price will be almost double.



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