Hyundai's 2024 Kona spotted on the highway in California

Ro, 15 May 2023

This isn't the first time we get to see the upcoming all-electric Kona 2024 as the company already detailed the vehicle back in March. However, we still haven't seen it live since production is supposed to start this summer.

Luckily, a pre-production unit was spotted cruising on a Californian highway, giving us a better look at the car. Also, since it's so close to production and has already been tested, even without a camo wrap, it's safe to assume this is the new, rather quirky design.

We say quirky because the taillights and headlights are somewhat controversial. The LED strips running along the back and front are fine, but the separated, huge taillights and headlights placed near the back fenders are a bit of a mixed bag. Still, the key takeaway here is that the new Kona definitely looks bigger than its predecessor.


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