Lancia reveals a limited edition 2024 Ypsilon Cassina

Max McDee, 03 February 2024

Lancia decided that there’s no use trying to keep the new Ypsilon hidden away while most of its details have already leaked on the internet. While the official debut is still scheduled for the Valentines, today the company unveiled the limited edition of its first-ever EV.

The 2024 Lancia Ypsilon Cassina will come in a limited run of 1,906 units exactly to commemorate the year Lancia was founded. The company shared the news on its X account together with some new photos. While we have already seen the exterior of the new Ypsilon, this is the first time we get a proper look at that unique interior.

For the last couple of decades, Lancia has been churning out “unique” vehicles. Some would go as far as calling them weird for the sake of being weird but Lancia always kept the individual approach. If you’re lucky you may still come across the first-generation Ypsilon in a two-tone gray and pale yellow finish combined with the faded pink interior - an interesting combo to say the least. The new Ypsilon continues the tradition by being unashamedly different.

There is no chance in this world to mistake the Ypsilon for any other vehicle out there. With the new “calice” proudly stretching across the front and headlights pushed far out into the corners, you’ll know it’s Lancia once you see it even from far away. The rear follows the theme with Stratos-inspired tail lights and broad tall shoulders with a narrowing cabin sitting atop. The “floating” roof is an idea borrowed from Smart #1 among many other cars, but it works well for the small Ypsilon. There’s something out of Nissan Juke hiding in the new Lancia - a promise of a one-off experience.

Once inside, we realize Lancia took the individualism game to a whole new level. Yes, there are two screens, and yes there is ambient lighting and a wrap-around dashboard covered in dark wood and swanky fabrics. But it is the helipad instead of a center console that steals the show. It serves no other purpose than being different - apart from the wireless phone charger - and it’s a big gamble. Will people embrace it or scoff at it? The jury is still out on this one.

The blend of legacy, nostalgia, and future is quite pleasant inside the new Ypsilon. The seats are covered in blue velvet out of all materials in the world, with the classic design from the good old days of Lancia. The color also pays homage to the old days - interrupted by Sala, Lancia’s virtual assistant, sitting proudly on top of the dashboard in its circular housing with blue LEDs reminiscent of Alexa.

Although Lancia did not disclose any technical details about the Ypsilon, the company shared its official range of 250 miles courtesy of the 54 kWh battery pack. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the same battery found in the Fiat 600e, Jeep Avenger, or Peugeot e-208. All these brands belong to Stellantis and they all are the same underneath different bodies. That means the Ypsilon will come with the familiar 156 hp electric motor powering the front wheels. Who knows, maybe we’ll even see a performance version with two motors, like the upcoming 240 hp Abarth 600?

The 2024 Lancia Ypsilon is no longer a secret, the first electric vehicle from the Italian automaker is a small hatchback promising range and individualism. Its success will highly depend on the right pricing strategy but the car will likely be very popular in Italy, while the rest of Europe will take a cautious approach as always. Lancia wants us to believe that days of selling dressed-up Chryslers and Fiats are over by serving a dressed-up Peugeot/Opel/Fiat chimera. At least this time it looks good.


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But with the first table in a car apparently haha. I would have say 208 too, we can clearly see the inspiration. And since Tavares want more consolidation ... We'll see more of this I'm pretty sure considering the market

  • Finn

It is just Opel Corsa electric with premium price



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