Lexus unveils limited edition RZ450e F Sport Performance

Max McDee, 12 January 2024

Not to be outdone by Nissan launching the sporty Ariya Nismo, Lexus unveiled the limited-edition RZ450e F Sport Performance. Unlike the Ariya though, Lexus focused on driving dynamics and improved visuals, leaving the drivetrain untouched.

Lexus unveils limited edition RZ450e F Sport Performance

The RZ450e F Sport Performance is a dramatic-looking crossover that retains the standard model's 71.4 kWh battery and two electric motors. With only 100 units set to hit the market in March, it's clear that Lexus aims to create a sense of exclusivity around this EV.

The production model closely resembles the wild RZ Sport Concept that was showcased at last year's Tokyo Auto Salon. However, it appears more like something an aftermarket tuner would create rather than a vehicle designed by Lexus itself. The alterations are evident right from the front fascia, which features a carbon fiber splitter and blue paint, along with a large carbon panel positioned below the headlights.

The unique features continue with a contrasting gloss black hood equipped with carbon fiber air outlets to maintain optimal cooling of the front electric motor. The list of modifications doesn't stop there; we have flared arches at both the front and rear, featuring aerodynamic winglets also made from carbon fiber, and the 21-inch Enkei aluminum wheels painted matte black complete the package.

The exterior changes culminate with a carbon fiber roof and dramatic rear elements, including a pair of fixed carbon fiber wings and a carbon fiber lip spoiler. While these additions may appeal to some, they could be seen as excessive to others.

Inside the cabin, the RZ450e F Sport Performance boasts several special touches, including ultra suede seats, black and blue contrasting stitching, a synthetic leather steering wheel, an instrument panel with blue accents, F Sport Performance scuff plates, and aluminum sports pedals. These additions enhance the overall interior aesthetic.

The RZ450e F Sport Performance is powered by the same 71.4 kWh battery pack as the standard model, with a 150 kW front electric motor and an 80 kW rear electric motor. Japanese pricing for this limited edition EV has been set at 11,800,000 yen which is just over $81,000.

While the RZ450e F Sport Performance offers an intriguing blend of luxury and performance, it's crucial to keep in mind that this is a niche product. With only 100 units available and a price tag that might raise some eyebrows, it may not be the ideal choice for the average car buyer.

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pay more for less. nasty looks and those spoilers will destroy highway efficiency. It is not like EVs need more weight or downforce.

TBH, the only great addition on this version are those excellent Enkei wheels ... other than that, I would expect even lover efficiency compared to standard equipped model. It would not be such an issue if the base model would not have such a small...



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