Lotus Emeya electric grand tourer triumphs in arctic circle cold weather testing

Max McDee, 10 February 2024

In a grueling test of endurance and performance, the Lotus Emeya electric grand tourer emerged victorious from its final stage of development. Over the course of three years, the Lotus Emeya has undergone an extensive test and development program spanning 15 countries and two continents. From the challenging B-roads of the UK to the smooth autobahns of Germany, and even the rugged terrain of Inner Mongolia, this electric powerhouse has been put through its paces to ensure it meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

The recent cold-weather validation program in the Arctic Circle served as the ultimate test for the Emeya, with temperatures plummeting as low as -40ºC (-40ºF). Despite the bone-chilling conditions, the Emeya proved its mettle, demonstrating exceptional stability, handling, and control.

Sylvain Verstraeten, Regional Vehicle Line Director for the Emeya, emphasized the rigorous testing process undertaken by Lotus engineers. Every aspect of the Emeya, from its suspension and steering to its battery and tires, underwent meticulous scrutiny to ensure optimal performance under any circumstances.

Lotus Emeya electric grand tourer triumphs in arctic circle cold weather testing

One of the key challenges faced during testing was the development of bespoke winter tires tailored specifically for the Emeya. These tires play a crucial role in supporting the vehicle's dynamic capabilities, promising unparalleled grip and traction on icy and snow-covered roads.

In addition to its performance, the Emeya boasts a range of features designed to enhance comfort and convenience for drivers. The Lotus App allows customers to remotely prepare their car, adjusting the cabin temperature and activating heated seats and steering wheel with ease. This ensures a seamless transition from the comfort of home to the driver's seat, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Lotus Emeya electric grand tourer triumphs in arctic circle cold weather testing

Heated side cameras and mirrors ensure optimal visibility in adverse weather, while the innovative Snow Mode on the 55-inch head-up display helps drivers navigate snowy landscapes with confidence.

Despite the transition to electric power, the Emeya remains unmistakably a Lotus – engaging, desirable, and above all, thrilling to drive, according to Gavan Kershaw, Director of Attributes and Product Integrity at Lotus

With deliveries set to commence later this year, the Lotus Emeya is poised to set a new standard for electric grand tourers, combining exhilarating performance with uncompromising reliability.



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