Mark the date: Lucid Gravity SUV coming on November 16 to break range records

Max McDee, 20 October 2023

Lucid Motors just unveiled the date for its next big thing - the Lucid Gravity SUV. Mark your calendars for November 16, which is when the all-electric luxury SUV is expected to make its grand debut at the LA Auto Show.

The Lucid Air sedan got a lot of love since its market launch in late 2021, but the Gravity is set to takes things up another notch.

Mark the date - Lucid Gravity SUV to be unveiled on November 16th

For those hungry for a glimpse of this anticipated marvel, the teaser image, aptly titled "Gravity Makes Contact," gives us a sneak peek of the vehicle's rear. At first glance, the SUV bears a notable resemblance to the Lucid Air. The Lucid website also provides us with a smattering of concept images that titillate the imagination, though we'll only get the full visual meal in about a month's time.

Lucid recently revealed that Gravity has entered its road testing phase in the US, the final checkpoint before its official 2024 release.

Actual production of the Lucid Gravity isn’t set to start until late 2024. With sales hovering around a consistent 1,400-1,500 units per quarter for the Air, Lucid's hopes seem pegged on the belief that the Gravity will pull in more customers, given the general consumer preference for SUVs over sedans. Meanwhile, to keep the momentum, Lucid is baiting potential buyers with 18-month lease offers on certain Lucid Air models.

Mark the date - Lucid Gravity SUV to be unveiled on November 16th

For the luxury seekers, the Lucid Gravity will be battling it out with titans like the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV, BMW iX, and Rivian R1S. Given the similarities in design, we may see the Gravity share a bunch of specs with the Air. Given the Air's impressive 500 miles range, it wouldn’t be a stretch for the Gravity to offer a over 400 miles on a charge.

Lucid will likely offer dual and triple-motor system for the Gravity, rivaling the top-tier offerings from Tesla. The initial launch is expected to be the Dream edition, possibly boasting a whopping 1,050 hp or 1,111 hp output. The company also boasts a remarkable DC fast charging system, though it remains to be seen if they'll opt for a CCS1 or NACS charging port. Given the projected 2024-2025 timeline, the scales lean toward NACS.

Mark the date - Lucid Gravity SUV to be unveiled on November 16th

The official Gravity teaser, which was unveiled during the Lucid Air Pure launch, hints at an SUV spacious enough to comfortably seat seven adults with plenty of room for their luggage. Lucid's claim of achieving the most extended driving range for any electric SUV is bold. However, considering the Air Dream Edition Range's EPA rating of 520 miles, Lucid might just have the tech chops to back this up.


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  • Douglas

Road testing phase? That means it's almost here! 2024 release, let's go!

  • Anonymous

a better car that costs way more. you wouldnt say eh

  • Lucid lover

If you don't think this is exciting then it must take a lot to get you pumped about anything. Lucid Sapphire is a ground breaker not to mention a record breaker. Peter Rawlinson left Tesla and showed the world that he could build a better car. L...



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