New BMW i3, iX3, iX4 and iX5 details leak

Max McDee, 04 November 2023

In an industry often punctuated by cautious strides, BMW is making bold leaps into its electric future. A surge of information from a well-placed insider within the Bimmerpost forum has sketched a tantalizing outline of BMW's electrification plans, which include a spectrum of new models slated to emerge over the next decade. The resurgence of the i3 in sedan guise, coupled with a series of iX-branded SUVs, marks a strategic expansion of BMW’s EV lineup.

New BMW i3, iX3, iX4 and iX5 details leak

The first model off the starting line will be the next-gen iX3, slated to roll into production in July 2025. Anticipated to house a bevy of new features, such as the Panoramic Vision interface and optional multifunction massaging seats, this model is a clear signal of BMW's commitment to innovation. However, enthusiasts outside of Europe may need to curb their impatience, as its arrival in global markets is forecasted for the spring of 2026. As BMW fine-tunes its augmented reality technology for a 2027 debut, the iX3 will grace the roads with a Level 2 driving automation, a modest yet significant step toward the autonomous driving future.

Power options for the iX3 are expected to span five variants, from the eDrive40 to the high-octane M60 xDrive, which could muster an impressive 610 horsepower. Meanwhile, the iX4, which shares its drivetrain options with the iX3, is slated for a 2026 production initiation. And then there's the new i3 - once a compact hatch, now reborn as BMW's most accessible electric sedan, embodying a more mainstream allure.

New BMW i3, iX3, iX4 and iX5 details leak

The iX5, the elder sibling in the iX family, will also be joining the electric parade with two muscular variants - the 50 xDrive and the M70 xDrive. Unlike its hydrogen-fueled counterpart currently undergoing trials, this all-electric iX5 is primed to be a testament to BMW's electric prowess.

The timeline of releases is staggered, with the current BMW X6 bowing out earlier than planned in December 2027, and the opulent i7, along with its armored variant, slated for a facelift in mid-2026. The next-gen M5 will straddle the eras, continuing production with its plug-in hybrid powertrain until 2031, ensuring the internal combustion engine's pulse in BMW's lineup for the time being.

New BMW i3, iX3, iX4 and iX5 details leak

While this influx of information from an insider ynguldyn paints an exciting picture, it's prudent to retain a hint of skepticism until official announcements roll off BMW’s press. Nonetheless, ynguldyn’s track record for accurate predictions makes this forecast particularly compelling. As with any intel from the shadows of automotive forums, there's a balance between credence and caution until the rubber actually meets the road.

This expansion is not just about adding new models; it represents BMW’s concerted push to diversify and modernize its fleet, firmly rooting its legacy in the future of mobility. With the commitment to deliver EVs that hold the revered BMW driving dynamics, luxury appointments, and technological advancements, the Bavarian automaker is evidently on a mission to redefine electric luxury and performance.



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