Range test: Nio ET7 does over 620 miles on a single charge with new 150 kWh battery

Max McDee, 18 April 2024

Electric vehicles constantly push the boundaries of mileage range, but Chinese automaker Nio just made a huge leap forward. The Nio ET7 sedan achieved over 620 miles in a real-world test thanks to its new 150 kWh semi-solid battery pack.

Nio ET7 smashes range records with new battery, exceeding <span title='1,000 km'>620 miles</span> on single charge

In recent range trials, three Nio ET7 sedans set out across China on different routes. The ET7 traveling between Kunming and Zhanjiang went the astonishing 665 miles before running out of juice. It took over 15 hours on the road, with an average speed of 52 mph. That's the equivalent of driving from New York City to Detroit and arriving with nearly 62 miles left in the battery.

It doesn't stop there – two other ET7s navigated routes from Beijing to Hefei and Shanghai to Xiamen, respectively. They managed to reach 660 miles and 650 miles before their batteries depleted.

Kunming Beijing Shanghai
Distance 665 miles 660 miles 650 miles
Consumption per 62 miles 12.7 kWh 13 kWh 13.3 kWh
Distance on NOP+ 470 miles 267 miles 245 miles
Driving time 12.8 hours 13.2 hours 13.1 hours
Average speed 52 mph 50 mph 49.6 mph
Top speed 73 mph 68 mph 75 mph
Temperature 59.9°F - 86°F 59.9°F - 86°F 65.3°F - 85.1°F
Altitude change -1875 m 34 m -3 m

The 150 kWh semi-solid-state battery offers a higher energy density than traditional lithium-ion batteries and, as a result, higher capacity in the same packaging, translating to a longer driving range for EVs.

The impressive efficiency of these trials wasn't just due to the battery, though. The ET7's aerodinamically efficient design enabled energy consumption of around 13 kWh per 62 miles.

Nio ET7 smashes range records with new battery, exceeding <span title='1,000 km'>620 miles</span> on single charge

Nio's record-breaking sedan is about to receive a 2024 refresh – including its new superstar battery. Details and pricing will drop on April 25, while pre-orders and deliveries start soon after.

While the Nio ET7 is yet to make it outside China, its performance gives us a glimpse of the EVs of the future. It will innevitably pressure rivals like Tesla and Lucid Motors to match this impressive benchmark. This range breakthrough for EVs signals a bright future that could make "range anxiety" a thing of the past.


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With the behemoth 150 kWh battery, it does not seem to be an unreasonable claim. The question might be, do you really want to tow 150 kWh in your vehicle, affecting pretty much everything as comfort, precision, efficiency etc.

  • PhateLi

You clearly copied the table, picture and parts of the artiticle from CarNewsChina without giving them any credit.

  • Anonymous

Lot of downhill!



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