Peugeot unveils 670 horsepower Inception concept - an electric GT with 800km range

Max McDee, 06 January 2023

The Peugeot Inception concept was the latest arrival at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show. This latest concept by the French maker is a stylish new sedan that features some of the early design elements of the upcoming STLA Large platform from Stellantis.

The STLA Large platform, as its name suggests, is intended to support the production of large vehicles, potentially including the most impressive models in Peugeot's lineup. The Inception concept car is five meters long, but Peugeot says the design will be carried over to the entire range starting in 2025 including the smallest vehicles starting.

Peugeot unveils 670 horsepower Inception - an electric GT with 800 km of range

The Inception is equipped with a 100kWh 800V battery that Peugeot claims can give it a range of 800km (497 miles). The battery powers two electric motors, one on the front axle and one on the rear axle, enabling all-wheel drive. These motors have a combined output of "nearly 670 horsepower," allowing the Inception to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in less than three seconds.

Peugeot states that the Inception can charge up to 30km (18miles) per minute, which would put charging speed at 225kW. The company also equipped the concept with wireless charging, but hasn't given any estimates on its speed.

The Peugeot Inception's design features what the company calls a "feline stance". Vertical three-bar running lights at the front and a blanked-off grille that holds the sensors for the vehicle's driver assistance systems. The grille also has a blanked-off lower section that houses the car's powertrain. The back of the car features similar taillights behind a smooth glass panel.

Peugeot unveils 670 horsepower Inception - an electric GT with 800 km of range

It is unlikely that the Inception's "smart glazing" feature, which includes 7.25m2 of special glass with improved thermal properties and iridescent reflections, will appear in exactly this form on any future production models. However, the Inception has other technological capabilities that may well make it to production.

The Inception's doors have a horizontal "Tech bar" that can display messages to those outside the car. These messages could include a greeting or farewell, or information about the vehicle's remaining range. The vehicle's artificial intelligence system can also recognize when the driver is approaching and adjust the seat position, temperature, driving mode, and entertainment preferences accordingly.

The interior of the Inception features the latest version of Peugeot's i-Cockpit setup, including Hypersquare - a rectangular steering wheel with touch controls in its four corners. These controls allow the driver to access the main functions of the vehicle without removing their hands from the wheel. Peugeot plans to release the Hypersquare in one of its production models by 2026.

The Inception's use of steer-by-wire technology (in which there is no mechanical connection between the steering wheel and the front wheels) allowed Peugeot to create a new cabin architecture. The latest i-Cockpit setup includes the STLA Smart Cockpit software platform, which emphasizes voice, gesture, and touch inputs. It also includes STLA Brain, the core of on-demand services for Stellantis.

Peugeot unveils 670 horsepower Inception - an electric GT with 800 km of range

The Hypersquare works with a smart Halo Cluster screen mounted behind it. The car also has Level 4 autonomous driving capability, provided by Stellantis's STLA AutoDrive technology. When this is activated, the Hypersquare retracts into the dashboard and a large panoramic screen rises from the floor, changing the environment and user experience.

The brand claims that a low-line dashboard with controls moved further down improves visibility and gives the impression of more space, and that wider seats that adjust to the body shapes of occupants to provide more comfort.



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Wow a concept that looks like it was designed by a 12 year old who just learned what blender is a few months ago. Something absurd that will never exist. Totally article worthy.

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Crazy design



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