Photo of Tesla Cybertruck's interior reveals Soviet-era design

Ro, 25 May 2023

A photo of Tesla Cybertruck's interior leaked in the Cybertruck Owners Club, showing part of the dashboard, center console and steering wheel. This is obviously a prototype, but since the vehicle is supposed to enter production in a few months time, it's probably safe to assume that this is going to be the final design.

Tesla Cybertruck interior Tesla Cybertruck interior
Tesla Cybertruck interior

And it is polarizing, to put it mildly. It looks like a Soviet car's interior with a big tablet slapped in the center. The center console doesn't seem to be detachable (one of the first features introduced was the ability to turn the center console into a third seat) and the dash seems extremely deep, which isn't a surprise given the shape and the angle of the windshield.

The steering wheel isn't anything we've seen before from Tesla. It's a strange mixture between the yoke and a standard steering wheel with force touch buttons instead of actual physical ones.

It's evident that design isn't a top priority for the Cybertruck and the company is trying to build a capable workhorse, hence the rather sterile interior. However, it's going to be hard to sell that given the high target price of the vehicle.



Reader comments

"It's evident that design isn't a top priority for the Cybertruck" Well, that's a ridiculous statement. Design is highly subjective, particularly when someone's breaking the mold (as Tesla is with the Cybertruck).

  • Qc85

The dash feels like its 8 feet long to the windshield , i hope it comes with a dust brush and long ass pole .

  • TT Tesla

The top of the steering wheel should be round similar like all cars The horizontal below the steering is perfect as you need more leg room for truck drivers with huge thighs



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