Updated Polestar 2 brings improved range and lower carbon footprint

Max McDee, 26 June 2023

Polestar 2 was first announced in 2019 but it took a while for this innovative EV to make it to every market. It became widely available in 2022 and those 3 years between unveiling and availability, although doesn’t sound like a lot of time, meant the technology was already getting old. Early this year Polestar introduced a big update - new battery tech, new electric motors, and some visual upgrades.

But the bits we don’t get to see are all hiding under that boxy body of Polestar 2. Today the company confirmed the updated technology resulted in serious improvements across the range. New WLTP figures are very impressive - the 2024 single motor Polestar 2 Long Range gets a 406 miles range. Compared to the 2022 model with 336 miles-range, that’s an improvement of 71 miles - the secret sauce here is not only the more efficient electric motor but the larger, 82 kWh battery pack.

Polestar 2 improves its range and lowers its carbon footprint

The dual-motor Polestar 2 LR gets the new 82 kWh battery pack as well - the new motors and software wizardry result in a 367 miles WLTP rating which is a whopping 69 miles more than the 2022 model managed.

Even the entry model Polestar 2 with its 69 kWh battery and single electric motor gets a 331 miles WLTP rating - an improvement of 9 miles which doesn’t sound as much until you run out of juice 3.1 miles away from a charging point.

The company did publish all info about the 2024 Polestar 2 but the ranges were still estimated, today’s announcement confirms the WLTP testing results and makes the improvements official.

On top of the performance improvements, the company managed to cut the carbon emissions related to the vehicle. Low-carbon aluminum used in wheels and the battery trays, renewable electricity used in the factory, and new battery chemistry result in additional 6,610 lb of CO2 saved per vehicle in the first 3 years of its use.


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