Spy footage reveals Kia EV4 electric sedan

Max McDee, 19 June 2024

Kia is preparing to expand its EV portfolio with the EV4 sedan, and recent spy footage offers us a glimpse of what to expect. Captured during real-world testing, the video reveals a distinctive rear end.

The EV4 is part of Kia's ambitious plan to introduce a range of affordable electric cars. Following the recent release of the EV3, a compact electric SUV, the EV4 represents Kia's entry into the electric sedan segment.

The spy footage highlights several intriguing design elements of the EV4. Most notably, the rear end features a vertical taillights and a subtle rear spoiler. Kia has previously stated that the EV4's design is a "symbol of its determination to push boundaries and accelerate the EV Revolution."

Inside the cabin, the EV4 is expected to incorporate Kia's latest technology and connectivity features. This includes the ccNC infotainment system with dual 12.3-inch screens.

Spy footage reveals bold new Kia EV4 electric sedan

The EV4 will address a growing demand for affordable electric sedans. Kia has indicated that the EV4 will be starting at around $35,000, and making it an attractive option for consumers looking to make the switch to electric vehicles. The EV4 is expected to launch next year, initially in its domestic market, before expanding to Europe and the United States.


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